Kaohsiung to partner with Microsoft for AI-based bilingual education

TAIPEI (The China Post) – To better face the challenge that globalization brings, Kaohsiung City government plans to cooperate with Microsoft to develop AI-based bilingual education. Kaohsiung aims to integrate AI into the 12-year national curriculum with the aim of transforming traditional education and providing a better foundation for the cooperation between the industry and academia.

From elementary school to university, Microsoft also aims to cultivate talents and provide a stronger connection for students and teachers in terms of teaching resources. The company also hopes that talents can stay in Kaohsiung and strive for international development for the city in the near future.

According to Ken Sun (孫基康), general manager of Microsoft, technology has become the key engine that pushes the human society forward as new technology such as AI keeps on renovating. Having always been committed to the development of AI technology that is human-oriented, the software company hopes for a greater future that AI can be used as the fuel to help human better serve as the bridge between technology and the society.