New Taipei Mayor responds to concerns over Huawei network on buses

TAIPEI (The China Post) – According to some reports, public buses in New Taipei City use Huawei 4G network cards to provide free Wi-Fi on public transportation. In response to media inquiries, New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi (侯友宜) said on April 10 that the city government would fulfill its duty by looking into the situation and better strengthen information security.

The Transportation Department of New Taipei City Government said that around 400 buses from Zhinan Bus Company (指南客運) use European brand routers as well as Huawei network cards since Free Wi-Fi entered in operation in September 2017.

On the other hand, buses from Capital Bus (首都客運) in Taipei area mainly use local servers for which the company prepared around 20 network cards from Huawei in case of malfunction. From now, all Huawei network cards have already been replaced, the operator said.

Hou further added that the Executive Yuan only regulates information communication products used in the public sectors. He recommended that bus operators monitor equipment when service is in use while the government will remain the gatekeeper for future equipment procurement.