LINE在台灣大舉徵才 釋出50個工程師職缺 | LINE to recruit 50 engineers in May

想加入充滿挑戰但又可發揮個人創意的工作環境嗎?隨著事業版圖擴展,LINE台灣自去年底陸續釋出大舉招募人才計劃,今年更宣布針對開發者社群投入更多資源,將於5月18日敞開大門舉辦第一屆LINE Developers Recruitment Day,預計招募超過50位開發工程師,其中包含資安工程師、資料工程等特色職缺。

Want to join a challenging yet creative work environment? Thanks to its rapid expansion, LINE Taiwan has launched a large-scale recruitment program since the end of last year. In order to find more developers, the company plans to hold the very first LINE Developers Recruitment Day on May 18 to recruit over 50 development engineers including information security engineers and date engineers.


The recruitment event also aims to find pros from the finance sector including Fintech and blockchain, as well as backend specialists for e-commerce and travel platforms. The company also wants frontend and backend engineers who are familiar with user experience.

此外,第六屆LINE FRESH也在本月開放投遞履歷,僅千分之三錄取率的LINE FRESH暑期實習計畫每年吸引數千封履歷,在今年與LINE TechFRESH共開放16個職缺,邀請不同領域擁有WoW特質的學生參與。LINE表示期待年輕學子與LINE共創精彩難忘的實習經驗,跟著LINE一起迎向下一站新起點。

Besides, the sixth edition of LINE FRESH has also started. The company is looking for 16 interns to join its program which is for sure to be full of challenges. Do you have the ‘WoW’ characteristics that the company is looking for? The acceptance rate for the internship is only 0.3% every year. Speed up if you want to apply for the position!

另一方面,LINE TechFRESH技術新星人才計畫今年也接續進行,今年將招募5位資訊工程背景實習生,為期一年的實習讓年輕學子有機會從頭到尾參與規劃,深入了解軟體新創執行發展的歷程。

On the other hand, the company’s one-year LINE TECH FRESH Program is also looking for interns with information engineering background. The internship will provide you the opportunities to get involved from start to finish and gain a deep understanding of how the start-up software company evolves.