Enjoy Gukeng coffee at the 2019 Yunlin Hakka Tong Blossom Festival

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The 2019 Hakka Tong Blossom Festival in Yunlin will run on April 13-14 and April 20-21, featuring Tung flowers blooming all over the mountainous area. The newly renovated trails will let visitors immerse themselves in the romantic atmosphere while enjoying a cup of coffee in the renowned Hebaoshantonghua Park (荷苞山桐花公園) in Gukeng Township (古坑鄉).

Entering its eleventh year, Yulin Tong Blossom Festival is the county’s biggest annual Hakka cultural carnival, attracting nearly 100,000 visitors each year. The Tung oil trees were actually planted among coffee bushes back in the Japanese Colonial Era. Today, Gukeng’s unique coffee culture and history have become a popular attraction for lovers of the world-famous Arabica coffee. The coffee is smooth, not too bitter; it eventually brings the mild sweetness and mellowness into the mouth.

The county government has organized a series of events for the light-hearted festival, combining leisure travel and community roaming that offer travelers a chance to relish not just the blooming scene but also the Hakka rural scenery and local industries. During your stay, you can also check the Hakka art culture exhibitions, the local Hakka market, or participate in a day tour that teaches you how to roast and hand brew Gukeng coffee.

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