IKEA bag saves the day of British bride-to-be

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Getting married is one of the most important moments in life and every girl wants it to be perfect. If you think that you’ve planned everything ahead flawlessly, however, how are you going to go to the bathroom in your dreamy, elegant, but extremely large wedding dress? It’s impossible!

In order to have the perfect wedding, a British bride-to-be named Tina came up with an original idea: transforming an IKEA bag so that it would contain her wedding dress in case of emergency. She then put the bag straps over her shoulders and voila: the dream-like wedding gown wouldn’t be smeared when she needed to relieve herself.

According to online reports, Tina was quite worried about the “restroom situation” but she didn’t want to spend extra money to hire a wedding assistant. She then thought of this brilliant idea so that she doesn’t need to be assisted by anyone else while hitting the restroom…

Tina’s photographer then posted her picture on social media and it soon went viral. Many netizens left comments like, “IKEA never lets me down.” “For the first minute I stared at this, I thought that it was some kind of portable bubble bath.” A woman even recalled how she once asked her mom and sister to help her use the toilet while wearing a puffy dress.