Meet your new KFC Colonel stunt – a virtual influencer

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Grab your loins, ladies and gentlemen. Fried chicken franchise KFC has created a new virtual influencer that has turned the image of the good-old Colonel Sanders, founder of the brand, into a hot, sexy, and masculine social-media stunt.

KFC’s official IG account just released a series of pictures featuring the new icon, switching the image of your amiable grandpa into a young, hot mess with a “secret recipe for success” tattoo on his abdomen. The new guy still has the same old white hair, white suit, and black tie, but just a little bit more, no, maybe a lot more, attractive.

What netizens find extremely interesting is that the new advertising spokesperson is not a real-life person. The computer-generated colonel actually goes on meetings, horse-riding, or dates with his virtual other half. He could also be your mentor by giving you some pieces of life advice like: “Never lose the things that make you who you are.” or “Always surround yourself with the best people so you can figure out and overcome challenges.” Isn’t it quite brilliant, nah?

There are two sides to every coin, though. Even though many people find the new finger-lickin’-good version of the classic spokesman pretty darn hot and cool. Some find the marketing approach quite fake, superficial, and creepy, leaving furious comments like “Can we make it stop?” “Oh man, have enough already!”

Whether it is original or not so original, the social media takeover will run through April 22, follow through KFC’s Instagram account if you want to find out about Colonel Hottie’s daily life.