Coco 李玟睽違九年再度攻蛋,日前旋風來台宣布全新世界巡迴演唱會「YOU & I」即將在6月21日從台北起跑,不過門票尚未開賣,即有歌迷不斷向主辦單位敲碗加場,希望能像「萬人迷」演唱會一樣,同時攻下北高兩蛋。

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Acclaimed singer Coco Lee (李玟) will bring her world tour to Taipei Arena on June 21, 9 years after her last stopover. Before tickets even hit the box office, however, fans are already asking for additional shows in Kaohsiung.


In response to fans’ growing expectations, organizers said that the entire tour is already planned, and the aforementioned venue is no longer available. “But Coco hopes to go to Kaohsiung soon! Like during her Million Fans concert in 1998,” organizers said.

為了此次巡迴,Coco特地錄製同名單曲〈YOU & I〉唱出對歌迷的珍惜,她提到:「我希望這場演唱會有一首我跟歌迷的主題曲,謝謝他們一直以來陪伴著我!」歌詞中的「YOU & I」意即「因為有YOU(你們)才有今天的I(我)」,代表了念舊的Coco對歌迷的感謝,甚至成為了這首歌的歌名及演唱會名稱及概念。

Ahead of her concert, Coco recorded a new single “YOU&I” to thank her fans. “I hope this theme song, ‘YOU&I,’ can demonstrate my appreciation. If it weren’t for YOU, I wouldn’t be here,” said Coco to her fans.

正因為「You & I」道出 Coco 25 年來的心情點滴,在進錄音室配唱時,更因為歌詞感人,想到與剛辭世歌迷共度的點點滴滴,數度泣不成聲、無法繼續。而一向念舊待粉絲如家人的Coco,將過去與歌迷的合照及信件甚至剪報都留下,也常常把收藏回味再三,就是擔心歌迷忘了她,也常想著這些一路陪伴的粉絲是否還在。

Coco recalled how she carried the recent recording with great sadness and emotion, however, following the passing of one of her fans. To the acclaimed artist, fans are like family; there is, therefore, little wonder that she always brings photos and letters of her fans during her travels to recall the wonderful moments spent together.