Scholar criticizes new college entrance application system

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The second phase of university application started on April 10 in which 318 departments of 41 schools started reviewing applications in addition to the score of the national entrance examination without any individual interviews. Contrary to all expectations, some schools said that the written materials would account for as high as 50 percent in the final review. Criticizing the new system, scholar R. C. T. Lee (李家同) said the rule is actually quite unfair for students from remote areas.

Lee said that he is quite nervous and worried about the new system on Facebook. “Take finance as an example. How would an 18-year-old who just graduated from high school have finance-related experience? I’m 81 years old and I still don’t have any! I’ll tell you a story, a bunch of kids from remote areas visited the bank and asked their teacher afterwards why did the stock market crash? Was a plate broken (the two words are homophones in Chinese)? SO, you know where the problem lies,” he said.

Lee further shared his personal experience and explained how he wanted to study Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, even though he knew nothing about it. The only reason he wanted to study electrical engineering was that he wanted to figure out how radio signals work. He was luckily admitted but if it were for now, he would not even be considered because he had no prior experience at all.

“Can a high-school student comprehend electrical engineering? I just want to warn high-school students that it requires much knowledge in math and physics to understand how the radio works.”

Lee also said that he doesn’t believe many high-school students understand the connection between math and electrical engineering. “Unless their parents know, and they can tell their kids how to describe it in writing. And the university professors will be like wow, you know, amazing. But the truth is not every child has this kind of parents,” sighed Lee.