StarLux kicks start recruitment

TAIPEI (The China Post) – StarLux Airlines announced 300 job openings on April 16 in preparation for its official launch.

While some relevant experience was previously required, the new airline company now welcomes new graduates for customer and ground services with an average salary ranging between NT$35,000 and NT$45,000.

You can apply for the aforesaid positions starting in May.

According to the airline, there are more than 100 vacancies at the new customer service center that will connect with other industries with the aim of providing employees the best working environment.

If you are interested in a role in the ground service in which you will interact with customers directly and know more about the aviation industry, you are welcome to apply for the positions too. It will for sure bring you challenges.

According to StarLux Airlines, the company is also looking for talents from five more job categories including maintenance engineers and maintenance personnel, information engineers, operation customer service, airport transportation personnel, financial personnel, and administrative personnel, and operational planners. There are 66 vacancies in total.

The airline company has already recruited 460 employees and it is expected to expand its operation scale and have over 1,000 staff by year.