MND video highlights Taiwan diversity

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The Ministry of National Defense (MND) published a promotional video on Facebook on April 12 featuring many languages such as Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, English, Paiwan language, and Cambodian.

The national army is composed of citizens from around the country with different backgrounds, striving to guard the sovereignty and democracy of Taiwan, the MND said.

From the outset, the MND used the magic square to symbolize that the army, navy and air force are building a strong safety net for all citizens to live without fear.

Another highlight of the video is the minority group’s languages, the Paiwan language, and Cambodian. It is quite moving to see a Paiwan Lieutenant Colonel pilot surnamed Pai using his native tongue to stress that he would try his best to protect the country.

“When I am flying the aircraft, I am very excited. Yes and yes I’ll give anything to guard my home!” The other army member Lin, Tzu-yao (林子堯) also stated in Cambodian, “My mother is from Cambodia and my father is Taiwanese. Now I’ve grown up this is my turn to protect my country.”

After watching the video, many netizens are quite moved and commented, “It is so touching! It gives me goosebumps,” someone said. “Love the video! Let’s protect Taiwan’s diversity and democracy together,” another viewer added.

Others commented, “We need to stand up for ourselves and protect our own country.” “The interpretation is fantastic. Go Taiwan!”