Terry Gou visits local temples before announcing presidential bid

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Foxconn chairman Terry Gou first hinted at his interest in running in the 2020 Presidential Election on April 16. The public didn’t expect Gou, however, to visit local temples to seek an opinion from the Gods early in the morning on April 17.

He visited Ci-Hui Temple in Banqiao District and Guandi Temple in Tamsui to worship Mazu and Guan Gong, raising expectations that the CEO is determined to run for the presidency.

Gou has a deep connection with Ci-Hui Temple. Locals said that the Gou family lived near the temple before, and Gou still visits the temple whenever he has the time to pay his tribute even, even after he moves away.

Gou once said that he would turn to Mazu to seek guidance and blessings from her to go through in the difficult times.

Gou also worships Guan Gong, also known as Guan Yu or Guan Yun Chang (160 – 219) — a general who lived close to two thousand years ago in China.

On important occasions, he usually wears a golden scarf that is blessed by the Chinese God of War, which he believes would help him conquer anything on the business filed.

It is also said that Gou even has a Guan Gong statue to guard the Hon Hai headquarter.