Foreign Minister Joseph Wu criticized for taking over the role of MND

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu sparked controversy on April 17 for stepping on the feet of the Ministry of National Defense (MND) as he announced the US F-16 arms sales and pointed out that 24 Chinese aircraft recently transited in southern Taiwan. In response to media inquiries, however, the MND declined to comment on April 18.

Joseph Wu posted early in the morning on Twitter: “Thanks @StateDept for notification of the training program at @LukeAFB in Arizona. This is where #Taiwan & #US #F16 top guns are put through their paces. Our pilots are the best of the best & will return home to keep the skies & country safe. JW”

However, during a local media interview, DPP lawmaker Wang Ding-yu (王定宇) said the decision was jointly made by the two ministries since the alliance in the Indo-Pacific region is gradually forming.

Wang added that the government thought that it would be best for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make the official announcements, sending the message to potential regional allies.