26 years old netizen can’t get married for low salary

TAIPEI (The China Post) – A netizen recently shared a story on PTT, the largest terminal-based bulletin board system based in Taiwan: His friend’s girlfriend is pregnant. The man, surnamed Huang, kept asking her girlfriend’s father’s approval to marry her but the father refused, saying that Huang has no money and wouldn’t be able to afford a family. The situation made Huang couldn’t help but wonder, he’s 26 years old, already has a stable job that pays NT$ 50,000 a month, and a car. How much is enough, for him to marry a girl he loves? 

The story soon made a splash over PTT, triggering discussion among netizens as Huang is already paying for the couple’s daily expenses and all his girlfriend does is spend, spend, and spend. Her month salary is lower than NT$ 30,000 and she spends all her money on traveling and buying designer bags. 

Many netizens just rolled their eyes and commented, “It’s impossible to have 50K when you just graduated and finished the military service. You can always earn more in the future. Nowadays the standard is twisted. No wonder so many people don’t marry.”

However, some also think that Huang should just persist and work harder. “The basic amount is NT$ 1 million.” “You need at least NT$ 3 million to have a family. With this amount of salary, he wants to live with the parents-in-law?” “Does he even have the money for wedding and honeymoon though?” The netizens said.