A-Team vocalist wants to try ‘something new’

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Gong Yan Xiu (龔言脩), a vocalist of Taiwan idol band A-Team, recently took part in the Chinese reality show “All For One” (以團之名) during which the band eventually competed against champion band “New Storm.”

Hoping to get out of his comfort zone and meet new challenges, Gong made his debut two years ago in A-Team. He is now ready for bigger challenges with abundant experience under his belt.

“I thought that I could try something new, something I had never done before when I was in A-Team,” Gong said.

In fact, it seems like the star singer has changed a lot with the experience he gained from the show. Instead of being all lively and energetic, the young star was more mature and composed during the interview.

Gong said that participating in the program was like walking in the mist and trying to figure out what was in front of him.

“It’s not real mist though. It’s just that you don’t know what will happen in the show because there is no script like filming a TV program!”

He was very nervous before he departed to China, but as soon as he joined the show, all the worries just went away; and he soon fitted in.

In the future, Gong wants to give acting a try. Asked what kind of role he wants to play, he said that he could play a serial killer as well as act with Taiwanese actor Hsieh Tsu Wu (謝祖武).

“As for romance drama, I can’t. I can’t do the puppy love stuff,” said the promising entertainer.