Taipei residents spend 20.4 min. on breakfast daily: Bloomberg Index

TAIPEI (The China Post) – How long does it take for you to make the money for your first meal of the day?

According to the Bloomberg Global City Breakfast Index, people in North America and Europe spend an average of 10 minutes to earn their breakfast fee.

People in Taipei, however, are not so lucky, the costs of their breakfast account for 4.24 percent of their daily earnings, which is equivalent to 20.4 minutes of working time.

The index calculates the relative daily costs and time needed to work to earn a glass of milk, one egg, two slices of bread and a serving of fruit around the world.

Rankings are based on global market prices gathered from more than 100 locations around the world from online database as of December 2018.

Among the 137 cities included in the report, citizens in four cities can enjoy a plate of delicious breakfast with less than 1 percent of their daily income: Geneva, Dubai, Luxembourg, and Bern in Switzerland.

In other words, people living in those cities only spend 5 minutes per day on an average of 8 working hours to get their morning meals.

As in Asia, Singapore ranks 37th, meaning that people in the former British colony spend 1.4 percent of their daily salary on the meal, while people Taipei, which ranks 105th, spend 4.24 percent of their daily earnings, or 20.4 minutes of their working time on the most important meal of the day.

Also, Tokyo ranks 66th and Shanghai ranks 102th, with the breakfast ratio for the two cities at 2.14 percent and 3.99 percent, respectively.