South Korean star Hyun Bin meets fans in Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) – South Korean actor Hyun Bin (玄彬) met with his Taiwan fans at National Taiwan University on April 20. Speaking to the media ahead of the friendly encounter, he shared his experience of shooting previous works and his future plans.

Following the successful releases of “Memories of the Alhambra” on TV and “The Negotiation” and “Rampant” on the big screen last year, Hyun Bin said he is ready to take on the next challenge as he is now focusing on studying the new script.

As “Memories of the Alhambra” featured augmented reality and CGI (computer-generated imagery), Hyun stressed that the fighting scenes in the first episode were particularly hard to shoot. Before filming, the actors and actresses took some classes on special effects because every action needed to be calculated and filmed flawlessly. “Once we spent three days just on one shot, but fortunately the end result was good and I didn’t have too many bloopers … thankfully,” said Hyun with a smile.

Hyun added that it’s hard not to get hurt during filming but as an actor, he is willing to do whatever it takes for a perfect shot.

Asked whether he has joined more movies than TV dramas in recent years, Hyun explained that he just wants to keep on challenging himself, highlighting different sides of his personality, and bringing out the best of each character he is playing.