3rd Annual Taiwan National Clean Up to unfold on May 25

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The 3rd annual Taiwan National Clean Up day will unfold on May 25 at 20 locations in Taiwan, ranging from coastlines to forests, in an effort to clean 10,000 kg worth of garbage, said Taiwan Adventure Outings.

In 2018, Taiwan National Clean Up day and the 600+ volunteers cleaned up to 4 tons of garbage across 14 locations from Taiwan’s forests and beaches. According to the organizer, the goals have been elevated this year: the 2,000 volunteers aim to collect more than 10,000 kg of trash at 20 locations.

According to experts, there is an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Plastic could outweigh marine life by 2050. The largest contributors in Taiwan are Taiwan’s neighboring countries and the local fishing industry with 91 percent of trash on Taiwan shores made of plastic or mixed plastic.

This is an opportunity for corporations, organizations, and local communities to work together to keep Taiwan clean, and learn about ways to reduce your plastic consumption as a company and person, the organizer said.

The event is hosted by Taiwan Adventure Outings and Wraptie, and sponsored by Roxy, Quiksilver, and Titoma Design Ltd., amongst many other location sponsors. Events for each location are made on TAO’s Facebook page. Volunteers are able to see each location on TAO’s website. Volunteers can sign up there. 

For more information on Taiwan National Clean Up day, and how to sponsor, please contact Ryan Hevern at [email protected], or call +886 963 520 946.