Taipower warns of power shortage risks

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taichung City Government said on April 25 that the ongoing decommissioning of 40 to 50 percent of Taichung Power Plant won’t impact the electricity production in Taiwan. Yet, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) asked the city government to act cautiously as the decision might have three consequences.

First, it might affect Taiwan’s electricity supply given the reserve margin of just 6 percent. Authorities expect Taipower, however, to raise the reserve capacity to 10 percent to boost economic development and foreign investment, Taipower said.

Second, Taipower is currently installing new units to respond to soaring electricity demand. The planned increase in production doesn’t cover the decommissioning of Taichung Power Plant. The company could have four extra units to spare by 2025, Taipower added.

Third, the decommissioning of Taichung Power Plant could cause power shortage in the central region, meaning that other regions in Taiwan might have to provide for the shortage of electricity. The problem is that these units will have to make it up for the upcoming increase in electricity consumption during the summer.