President Tsai asks Gou to discourage China from arms race

TAIPEI (The China Post) – In response to Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou (郭台銘) recent criticism of U.S.-Taiwan arms sales, President Tsai Ing-wen suggested that Gou “tells it to China.”

Gou proposed on April 28 that Taiwan relies on regional peace for military defense instead of embarking on an arms race. He added that Taiwan should not be terrified by China since “Chinese people wouldn’t hurt Chinese people.”

Tsai was asked to comment on the issue while attending the groundbreaking ceremony of I.T. manufacturer Super Micro Computer’s Asia-Pacific Science and Technology Park in Taoyuan.

She said Taiwan is a contributor to regional peace and she hopes other countries in the region would shoulder the responsibility of protecting the regional stability too.

“Since I took office in 2016, my prime focus for national defense has been to strengthen our abilities for autonomy and self-defense. We have been focusing on building our own warships and warplanes and only resort to arms procurement whenever necessary,” the president said.

Tsai added that she believes Gou would agree with her that no country should use military force to break peace. Yet, she pointed out that China is notorious for suppressing dissidents and Xi Jinping has never abandoned the option of using force against Taiwan.