With Trump rollback, school lunch could get more white bread

With Trump rollback, school lunch could get more white bread
In this Friday, April 5, 2019 photo, a student buys lunch in the cafeteria at Burlington High School in Burlington on, Vt. The school's food service provider is preparing to comply with a Trump administration decision to roll back a rule that required only whole-grain rich foods for school meals. Burlington officials said they don't plan on abandoning whole-grain foods, but it gives them flexibility. (AP Photo/Wilson Ring)

NEW YORK (AP) — Is white bread poised to make a comeback on school lunch menus?

After complaints about taste and cost, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era rule that required foods like bread be made with whole grains. School lunch officials who lobbied for the change say just want to serve foods like white bread — which have less fiber — only when alternatives don’t work.

Since 2014, schools had been required to serve only whole grain versions of food, and needed to get waivers to keep serving options like white bread and white rice. Cafeteria operators said the rule for the U.S. school lunch program was unrealistic.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest says most schools were complying with the rule, and it is suing the government over the rollback.