2019 Red Bull Dance Your Style 首屆全球無差別街舞大亂鬥登場 | 2019 Red Bull Dance Your Style to kick start at Klash Taipei

Red Bull第一屆尬舞大賽Red Bull Dance Your Style即將於6月1日(六)在Klash Taipei登場,不同於一般常規的街舞比賽,Red Bull Dance Your Style希望集結所有熱愛跳舞、音樂與表演的人們,以齊聚慶祝的概念,重現街舞風格所象徵的社交和派對氛圍。

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The first edition of Red Bull Dance Your Style will unfold on June 1 at Klash Taipei, one of Taipei’s most renowned nightclubs. In celebration of Taiwan’s various street dance styles and underground cultures, the organizers aim at gathering the top representatives of local dance and music and providing an outstanding performance.


To this extent, the event will feature a brand-new concept of street dance competition in which contestants will have to improvise to various styles of music. The audience will also determine who is going to attend the first-ever world final in Paris.

集結全台各種街舞風格頂尖舞者,這些舞者多有豐富的國內外參賽Battle經驗,許多更是台灣街舞圈大師級的人物,包含IP Lockers、被稱為Battle界的大魔王Hip Hop舞者Joy、 2019年WOD台灣賽榮獲Upper組冠軍的頂尖House舞者小穎。

The organizers have already invited top-notch dancers in Taiwan who have abundant experience at home and abroad, including IP Lockers, king of hip-hop Joy, and house battle king Yin, who won the 2019 World of Dance championship.

2019年Dance Your Style將在30多個國家舉辦超過50場賽事,透過不同曲風考驗舞者表演的能力,從放克音樂到流行,饒舌到電子樂,經典嘻哈到近期人氣排行榜,這是一場真正與觀眾對話及互動的街舞比賽。

This year, 2019 Dance Your Style will include more than 50 contests in over 30 countries. You will get to enjoy all the music genres from funk, pop, rap, classic hip-hop to EDM and interact with dancers who are not afraid to show their skills and challenge themselves.

Dance Your Style台灣大賽相關資訊

時間:6月1日(六)2:00pm – 6:00pm

地點:Klash Taipei(臺北市信義區松壽路22號B1)

Event information:

From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on June 1

Location: Klash Taipei (No. 22, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City)