Taiwan a new hit for religious tourism

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Named as one of the world’s top three religious festivals in the world, the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage is also the most famous and representative religious event in Taiwan.

The nine-day and eight-night Mazu pilgrimage, which spans across 340 kilometers, attracts more than 2 million followers each year, including many foreign nationals who are increasingly interested in Taiwan’s traditional culture.

The joss paper blessed by the palanquin bearing Mazu was put in the red envelope, which was called “Dian Jiao Jin.” (Courtesy of Logan Beck)

A famous YouTuber, “Logan Beck” from the U.S., documented the “Dian Jiao Jin” culturefor the first time this year as well as tasted one of three Taichung Dajia’s treasures, the Yu Jan Shin butter shortcakes.

Beck, whose wife is from Taiwan, especially loves local customs; he joined the festival for the third time to document his passionate experience, including the “Dian Jiao Jin” – the blessings of Mazu.

Yu Jan Shin has given away the “Dian Jiao Jin” for eight years to spread the blessings of Mazu. (Courtesy of Logan Beck)

During the pilgrimage, many believers hope to have Mazu “passing over them” so the temple always prepare two long sedan benches loaded with joss paper used as the rest areas for the palanquin bearing Mazu.

The joss paper is then put in a red envelope and used as a lucky charm offered by the temple, called “Dian Jiao Jin.” The Yu Jan Shin is also given away during the “Dian Jiao Jin” to share the blessings of Mazu to believers.

Logan Beck hand-made Yu Jan Shin butter shortcake, the layered and flaky outside tastes with the soft and chewy stuffing inside. (Courtesy of Logan Beck)

The shop has been much blessed by Mazu since its inception 50 years ago, bringing successful operations. The Yu Jan Shin butter shortcake are handmade delights featuring a soft and chewy filling.