韓國3D手遊《凱薩》初夏改版 開放限定副本「次元之森」| Early summer patch update available for Korean 3D mobile game ‘Kaiser’


TAIPEI (The China Post) – Presented by Pathfinder8, the developers of “Lineage 2,” and Phoenix games, Korean 3D MMO mobile game “Kaiser” launched its early summer update on May 16.


This patch update opens a brand-new quest, the “Dimensional Forest,” allowing players to challenge fierce unknown creeps and forge a loot chest with quest loots,


This newest patch also launches a brand-new equipment system, called “Guardian Stones,” allowing you to gain different battle effects. A new “Supportive Equipment” is also added for archer and assassins, granting players more defensive stats.


In addition, this patch introduces a second awakening system for runes. Runes would transform into tier two runes after achieving highest level during first awakening, they can also unlock new stats bonuses.


And for the four main roles, a new passive spellbook is introduced, allowing players to gain pragmatic passive skills that strengthen their power and forge their way throughout the adventure.

擊破邪惡力量!全新活動副本「次元之森」限定開放 | Defeat the devils! New quest “Dimensional Forest” released


The calm looking greens devoured brave souls that tried to venture in it. What is the truth behind this unknown monster? It’s now awaiting new challenges. This new quest, called “Dimensional Forest,” introduces stronger creeps that shouldn’t be underestimated.


From lethal venom to violent attacks to nimble assassinations, enemy creeps in this quest all have the potential to one-shot players, so players should team up to lower the chances of dying.


“Dimensional Forest” is divided into two quests, upper level, and lower level. The maximum time in the quest is two hours per day. Players have a chance of obtaining a “Dimensional Loot box” and “Dimensional Key” after defeating creeps.


Players would forge “Ophelia’s Blessing” loot box through the functions “Ophelia’s Request”. The loot box has a chance of granting players rewards such as rare pets, player item, and advanced spell books.

提升屬性與專屬技能!全新裝備「守護石」華麗登場 | Raising stats and Exclusive skills! New Equipment ‘Guardian Stones’!


This patch update introduces new equipment system, the “Guardian Stones.” Players can purchase Guardian Stones from “Equipment Merchant – Kelly” located in Gloucester. Guardian Stones are a consumable accessory that would grant players large buffs in a limited amount of time and a small chance of proccing exclusive skills.


For example, in addition from buffs in defense, HP, dodging, and amount of gold received, players that are equipped with the golden guardian stone have a chance of proccing “Guardian Stone’s Blessing” when attacked.


On the other hand, blood red guardian stone grants buff in the attack, HP, and amount of gold received while providing a chance of proccing “Guardian Stone’s Rage.” The abilities granted by the Guardian Stones allow players to kill two birds with one stone.

攻守兼備!弓箭手與刺客【輔助裝備】強悍降臨 | Defensive and Offensive! New ‘Supportive Equipment’ introduced for archers and assassins


After warriors and mages, the new update of “Kaiser” also introduces supportive equipment for archers and assassins.


Both archer’s supportive equipment – rare level Marksman’s Quiver; Hero level Laurel Quiver; Legendary level Black Bone Quiver – and assassin’s supportive equipment – rare level Cloth Armor; Hero level Craftsman’s Armor; Legendary level Thanatos’ Armor – grants buffs to different stats.


Players can obtain supportive equipment by collecting materials and forging them through the equipment forging system. Supportive item can also resonate with same level items to grant equipment buffs, allowing players to equip both defensively and offensively no longer a dream.

迎接《凱薩》手遊夏日改版 28天登入簽到好禮送! | New Login Campaign


With the summer update, development group presented new campaigns to celebrate with players.

【28日簽到獎勵】 | 28 days login campaign


To show appreciations for players’ support, a new login campaign that will last 28 days has been launched. Players would be split into three groups: normal players, returning players (no login record for the last 60 days), and new players (players with a new account).


Players would receive various gifts every day. Furthermore, they would receive rare level exclusive items according to the player’s role.


There are also new items such as “unicorns,” “Dimensional Key bundle,” and “Golden pig year bundle” are available for purchase in the game store. For more details of patch update and events, please visit the official fan page of “Kaiser” for the newest information.