From Poland to Portugal, election highlights across Europe

From Poland to Portugal, election highlights across Europe
Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini arrives for a press conference at the League's headquarters, in Milan, Italy, Monday, May 27, 2019. The League party of Italy's hard-line interior minister was one of the biggest winners in the European elections, with sky-rocketing support that bolsters his role as the flagbearer of the nationalist and far-right forces in Europe and could also shake up politics at home.(AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

BRUSSELS (AP) — Here’s a brief look at the results of the European Parliament elections, country by country:

GERMANY: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s middle-of-the-road governing coalition lost significant ground , while the Greens surged and the far right made modest gains.

FRANCE: The far right handed a humbling defeat to pro-EU President Emmanuel Macron.

UNITED KINGDOM: Britain’s two long-dominant parties took a hammering while a new anti-EU party won the biggest share and smaller pro-Europe parties surged.

ITALY: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s far-right party won the Italian vote, more than quadrupling its representation.

SPAIN: The governing Socialists won. Three Catalan separatist leaders were elected but will have trouble taking their seats because one is in jail and two are fugitives.

POLAND: The right-wing ruling party emerged as the big winner .

ROMANIA: The main party in the governing national coalition lost ground.

THE NETHERLANDS: The center-left pulled off a surprise victory, while Geert Wilders’ right-wing populists lost all four of their seats.

BELGIUM: An extreme right, anti-immigrant party made a massive surge in Dutch-speaking Flanders, while the Greens made fresh inroads in francophone Wallonia and Brussels.

CZECH REPUBLIC: The governing centrists gained ground despite their leader, Prime Minister Andrej Babis, facing fraud charges involving the use of EU funds.

GREECE: The ruling left-wing party fared so poorly that the prime minister called new national elections . The opposition conservatives did best, while the extreme-right Golden Dawn lost support.

HUNGARY: Populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party continued its domination.

PORTUGAL: Participation plummeted to a historic low, and the governing Socialists won comfortably.

SWEDEN: The ruling Social Democrats held onto their majority despite gains by a nationalist party.

AUSTRIA: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s center-right party recorded a big win, but he was ousted Monday following the collapse of his scandal-tainted coalition.

BULGARIA: The ruling center-right did best.

DENMARK: A euroskeptic, anti-immigration party slumped, and the pro-EU governing Liberals benefited.

FINLAND: The environmentalist Green League made the biggest gains, while the populist euroskeptics held their ground.

SLOVAKIA: The country with the lowest turnout — 22.7% — delivered victory to a new pro-EU coalition linked to the president-elect.

CROATIA: Governing conservatives won the most votes, while a far-right group finished third.

IRELAND: Ireland is still counting its votes.

LITHUANIA: Former NBA star Sarunas Marciulionis won a seat for the ruling party.

LATVIA: Parties linked to the country’s Russian-speaking minority won nearly half the seats.

SLOVENIA: An anti-immigrant group won with more than a quarter of all votes, but moderate groups from the ruling coalition together got more than a third.

CYPRUS: The ethnically divided island elected a Turkish Cypriot for the first time.

ESTONIA: The center-right opposition won the elections, while anti-immigrant euroskeptics won a seat for the first time.

LUXEMBOURG: The party of outgoing European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker lost one of its three seats.

MALTA: The governing Labor Party won most seats.


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