威廉和哈利王子之間的新皇室分家即將得到正式確認 | New royal split between William and Harry set to be officially confirmed soon

去年五月,威廉王子曾是哈利王子婚禮的最佳伴郎,但據說在過去的 12 個月裡,兩人 的關係有所惡化。 | Prince William was Prince Harry’s best man last May but the relationship is said to have deteriorated in the last 12 months. (AP)

根據太陽報報導,哈利王子(Prince Harry)和梅根(Meghan)將在新皇室分家中與威廉王 子(Prince William)和凱特(Kate)分道揚鏕。這對夫婦 15 個月前還一起在舞台上推動 皇家基金會的活動,如今,則將追求他們自己的慈善基金。

Prince Harry and Meghan are set to break-away from Prince William and Kate in a new royal split, according to the Sun. The couples are planning to pursue their charitable interests separately, after appearing on stage together just 15 months ago to promote the Royal Foundation.

十年前(2009 年),由威廉王子、哈利王子共同創立的皇家基金會(The Royal Foundation), 隨著兩人各自成家,凱特於 2011 年、梅根於去年也加入成為基金會的一份子。但是, 據報導,蘇塞克斯公爵和夫人(Duke and Duchess of Sussex 也是哈利王子和夫人的官 方頭銜) 即將離開這兩對夫婦的聯合慈善基金。

The initiative was established by Princes William and Harry ten years ago and Kate came on board in 2011. Meghan joined last year, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reported to be about to leave the couples’ joint charity.

凱特於 2011 年加入皇家基金會,梅根則於去年加入。| Kate joined the Royal Foundation in 2011 and Meghan came on board last year. (AP)

對於大多數觀察者來說,這是這對過去感情親密的親兄弟,繼哈利王子去年五月與梅根 舉行婚禮之後,兄弟之間日益分歧的另一跡象。兄弟倆現在已正式將他們住的莊園分開, 蘇塞克斯公爵和夫人從肯辛頓宮遷出,在溫莎莊園建立新家園。

To most observers, it is yet another sign of a growing divide between the once-close brothers following Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle last May. The brothers have now officially divided their courts and the Sussexes moved out of Kensington Palace to set up their new home on the Windsor estate.

打從媒體爆出梅根和凱特不合的傳聞開始,白金漢宮就駁斥了該項報導,內部人士說, 真正的問題可能出在哈利王子和威廉王子之間。

From the outset, Buckingham Palace has dismissed reports that Meghan and Kate clashed, even though insiders said that the real problem might be between Prince Harry and Prince William.

據說梅根和哈利希望在商業決策上,有更大的靈活性。| Meghan and Harry are said to want more flexibility in commercial decisions. (AP)

兄弟之間的緊張態勢從未得到官方證實,但太陽報認為,當年,當哈利王子與梅根交往 不到一年便決定結婚時,威廉王子曾建議哈利王子,謹慎並放慢與梅根交往的速度,可 能即埋下後來不合的導火線。

The tension between the brothers has never been officially confirmed but the Sun argues that Prince William had advised caution at the speed of his brother’s relationship with Meghan.

據信,凱特過去幾個月一直試圖扮演和事佬,以探試哈利夫婦新生兒阿奇(Archie)為名, 這兩對夫妻在溫莎莊園共度了許多時光。

Kate is believed to have been trying to play peacemaker over the last few months and the couples have spent time together at Windsor with new baby Archie.

兩兄弟的「分家」,即將正式確認。 | The divide is set to be officially confirmed soon. (AP)

一位皇室消息人士告訴太陽報:「兄弟兩的關係確實變得很糟糕,他們在皇室婚禮後的 幾個月來,都沒有私下見面。」

A royal source told the Sun: “Things did get very bad between the brothers and they didn’t see each other privately for a number of months after the royal wedding.”

「對地位,金錢和梅根的敵意,意味他們不再住在一起的「分家」,比預期更快地出現, 他們聯合慈善基金的各自分開獨立,或許也不可避免,」消息人士說。

“Certainly, the animosity over status, money and Meghan meant that the split in their joint households had to be brought forward much more quickly than anticipated, so perhaps it was inevitable that their joint charity has to be split too,” the source said.

Britain’s Prince William, left, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a Service of Thanksgiving and Commemoration on ANZAC Day at Westminster Abbey in London, Wednesday, April 25, 2018. (Eddie Mulholland/Pool via AP)

據說梅根和哈利想要以不同的方式做事。「威廉是未來的國王,這個身分有時會限制他 所能做的事情,」消息人士補充道。 「蘇塞克斯夫婦希望獲得更多商業決策的靈活性。 但是,自從他們的工作生活分開以來,兄弟倆的關係大大改善了。」

Meghan and Harry reportedly want to do things differently. “William is the future King and so is sometimes restricted in what he can do,” the source added. “The Sussexes want the flexibility of more commercial decisions. But the brothers’ relationship has vastly improved since their working lives separated.”

當被問及對媒體報導發表評論時,皇家基金會的一位發言人說:”目前正在進行審查, 尚未做出任何決定。”皇家基金會原本想善加運用兩對夫婦的明星實力,一旦分家,勢 必是一個沈重的打擊。結果將有待 6 月 19 日的下一次董事會會議正式公布。

Asked to comment on media reports, a spokesman for The Royal Foundation said: “There is a review underway and no decision has been taken.” The Royal Foundation had intended to harness the star power of both couples and the move will be a bitter blow. It set to be made official at the next board meeting on June 19. ●

By The China Post staff