NBA/檢查報告出爐 第三戰K湯只有一半機率上場 | Updates on Klay Thompson’s injury: Good chance that he won’t be playing in Game 3

勇士球星「K湯」Klay Thompson(圖/美聯社/達志影像)| Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors tries to pass the ball to his teammates. 

勇士球星「K湯」Klay Thompson總冠軍賽第2戰受傷,根據NBA資深記者「沃神」Adrian Wojnarowski報導,今(4)天中午核磁共振(MRI)檢查報告出爐,Thompson為左腿拉傷,周四第3戰上場機率僅有5成。

TAIPEI (The ChinaPost) – Golden State Warriors all-star Klay Thompson sustained an injury during Game 2 of the NBA finals. According to veteran NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, the results of Thompson’s MRI have been released on June 4, revealing that Thompson suffered from a left leg strain. The probability of Thompson being able to return to the court in Game 3 is roughly 50 percent.


Thompson injured his left hamstring with a bit more than a minute left in the fourth quarter of Game 2. He shortly made his way to the locker rooms and did not return to the game. During that game, he played for 33 minutes and despite his premature departure from the game, he demonstrated unparalleled athleticism by acquiring a team-high 25 points, five rebounds, and five assists.

雖然昨天賽後Thompson堅持自己不會缺席第3戰,但今天《The Athletic》記者Shams Charania指出,能否出賽將視這2天身體狀況再評估。

Though Thompson insisted that he will not be playing in Game 3, Shams Charania from The Athletic points out that Thompson’s condition still needs to be evaluated throughout these two days prior to Game 3 to decide whether he should play or not. Thus, Thompson’s appearance in Game 3 remains questionable.

勇士現在傷兵滿盈,連2屆總冠軍賽MVPKevin Durant目前還不確定何時能回歸,球隊中鋒Kevon Looney因鎖骨骨折無限期缺陣,Thompson若真的不能打,得分火力恐出現大空缺。第3戰將在6日上午回到勇士主場開戰。

The Warriors are currently troubled by a large number of injured players. Two-time FMVP Kevin Durant is still indecisive about returning. Center Kevon Looney is out indefinitely due to a clavicular fracture. If Thompson really cannot be on the court in Game 3, then the Warriors’ offense will suffer heavy losses.

The Warriors will return to the Oracle Arena for Game 3 on June 6.