Jay Chou shows affection to wife while attending Lang Lang’s wedding

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan watch fireworks at the banquet. (圖/翻攝周杰倫官方微博)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – World-renowned pianist Lang Lang married 24-year-old German-Korean, Gina Alice Redlinger, in France on June 2.

Guests in attendance included Jay Chou and wife Hannah Quinlivan. At the banquet, Chou performed his original song, “Blue and White Porcelain” (青花瓷), with Lang Lang to celebrate the newly-wed couple. Later in the evening, Chou and Quinlivan were seen watching the fireworks together.

In the afternoon of June 3, a photographer released a collection of photos of Chou and Quinlivan watching the fireworks with Quinlivan in a deep V evening gown.

The two were seen in front of the window while watching fireworks. Jay Chou rested his hands on Quinlivan’s naked back and occasionally whispered to her. It was a perfect lovers’ scene.

After the picture was shared, it quickly became popular online. “[I] want to give this picture a new song “, “I envy this love full of sweet and romantic vibes,” netizens claimed, “The beauty of fireworks are instantaneous but love is eternal.”