Hong Kong activists hold vigil for deceased supporters

Hong Kong activists hold vigil for deceased supporters
Protesters join a candle light vigil for the fourth apparent suicide related to the protests against an extradition law to China in Hong Kong on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. It's still the world's "freest" economy, one of the biggest global financial centers and a scenic haven for tycoons and tourists, but the waves of protests rocking Hong Kong are exposing strains unlikely to dissipate as communist-ruled Beijing's influence grows.(AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

HONG KONG (AP) — Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have held a memorial vigil for deceased supporters of the movement that has brought hundreds of thousands of residents of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory into the streets in protest in recent weeks.

Dozens of participants sang hymns and lit candles in remembrance of protesters, one who fell after hanging a banner and at least one other, in an apparent suicide, who left a message on a wall asking others to keep up the fight.

One of the organizers said there were lawyers, counsellors and psychiatrists available for consultation at the event.

“Remember you are not alone,” the man said.

For weeks, protesters have held demonstrations against the government’s attempt to change extradition laws to allow suspects to be sent to China for trial.