Sudanese opposition seeks postponement in deal with military

Sudanese opposition seeks postponement in deal with military
Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo signs a power sharing document with Sudan's pro-democracy movement and the ruling military council in Khartoum, Sudan, Wednesday, July 17, 2019. The two sides are still at work on a more contentious constitutional agreement that would specify the division of powers. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Hjaj)

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan’s pro-democracy movement is seeking a postponement in the signing of the second and possibly more contentious part of a power-sharing agreement with the country’s military, saying it needs more time to resolve differences among its members over the deal.

The first part of the deal was signed earlier this week, marking a significant step forward amid simmering tensions between the protest movement and the country’s military, which in April ousted longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

The two sides were expected to meet on Friday, negotiate and subsequently sign the so-called constitutional declaration that defines how much power each would have in the transitional period until elections are held.

There has been discord within Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change, a coalition of opposition political groups representing the protesters.