香港情勢緊張 陸委會:密切關注 因應措施以準備好 | Hong Kong simmers MAC: Taiwan prepared for any possibilty

【看英文中國郵報學英文】美國總統川普 13 日於推特發文表示「中國政府正調動部隊到香港邊境」,呼籲雙方要冷靜處理。15 日一早又有香港網友在網路上貼出照片,聲稱目擊解放軍軍車在當天 6 點 30 分左右進入香港市區,要香港民眾特別小心,引發眾多香港民眾擔憂,北京當局可能會在 8 月 18 日鎮壓香港,對此陸委會在 15 日的例行記者會中回應:會密切關注,也絕不樂見武力鎮壓發生。

In response over concerns of military suppression in Hong Kong, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said in a press conference yesterday that they are following the situation closely and expressed worry about the possibility of violent suppression.

Due to the U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets on Aug.13 and a photo showing a Chinese tank entering Hong Kong on the morning of Aug 15 going viral online, concerns have risen recently over whether the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would enter the city. The images indicate that Beijing might launch an assault on Aug 18.


When asked if MAC was addressing possible outcomes from the protests and how Taipei would react if a large number of Hongkongers attempt to flee to Taiwan as a result of any suppression, the council’s Deputy Minister Chen Ming-chi said they definitely hope that wouldn’t happen. However, the government has taken the necessary precautions and practiced all relevant procedures.


Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill protests have not only impacted the economy, but also prompted discussions about emigrating from the city. When addressing this issue, Chen said they strongly hope that both sides would calm down and be open for peaceful dialogue, simultaneously calling for the Hong Kong government to properly respond to the public’s expectations.  

有香港駐台記者問及 6 月至今,是否有收到香港人民申請政治庇護的案件。對此陳明祺回應,如若收到個案申請,將依人道原則及相關法規來妥適處理。相關數據方面,本年度 5 及 6 月獲得許可居留的香港人數,分別是 249 人跟 267 人,定居的則分別是 104 人和 92 人。至於申請事由,主要仍以依親和婚姻居多,投資來台次之。

In response to a Hong Kong reporter’s question asking if there were any applications for asylum since the outbreak of anti-extradition protests in June, Chen said that in such a case, the council would address it according to relevant regulations and in a humanitarian manner. He added that 249 and 267 Hongkongers received residency in May and June, respectively, while the number of people receiving permanent residency was 104 and 92. Chen said the majority of applications were still for dependents and spouses, followed by investment.

另關於有立委提出,台灣應盡快完成難民法立法程序,以利有限的接收香港人尋求庇護;陳明祺表示,行政院難民法草案在 105 年 8 月經過立法院內政委員會審查完畢,但由於還沒完全立法完成,重申若真有收到個案申請,會依人道原則及相關法規來妥適處理,但細節部分,基於尊重個人隱私,陸委會無法透露太多。

Regarding a legislator’s calls to finalize a law establishing procedures for refugees in the event of asylum seekers arriving from Hong Kong, Chen said the Internal Administration Committee of the Legislative Yuan had passed the draft in May 2016. However, he refused to reveal further details, adding that because legislative procedures have not been completed, the government would address any situation according to present regulations.

根據「港澳居民進入台灣地區及居留定居許可辦法」第 16 條規定,有 16 種情況香港人可以來台申請居留,包括直系血親或配偶在台灣地區設有戶籍、具有專業技術能力並取得香港政府執業證書、或有特殊成就、在台灣有台幣 600 萬元以上投資等等。

Current law stipulates that Hongkongers can apply for residency in Taiwan under 16 different circumstances, including direct blood relatives or a spouse with a registered household in Taiwan, professional expertise and certification from the Hong Kong government, fulfilling an extraordinary accomplishment, or investing more than NT$6 million in Taiwan.