Gogoro發表新車 首台裝載ABS的電動機車 | Gogoro rolls out first electric bike fitted with ABS brake system

新車款車身運用多層次染色的超細緻顆粒珍珠漆。(圖/業者提供) The new Gogoro S2 ABS is designed with a highly refined coating, giving it a sleek shine.
新車款車身運用多層次染色的超細緻顆粒珍珠漆。(圖/業者提供) The new Gogoro S2 ABS is designed with a highly refined coating, giving it a sleek shine.

【看英文中國郵報學英文】睿能創意昨(21)日於台北發表S Performance 車系新款電動機車,為以S2為基底首次搭載ABS的Gogoro S2 ABS。

Gogoro Taiwan Ltd. announced yesterday (Aug. 21) the release of their newest model of the S Performance electric bike series, Gogoro S2 ABS. 


Not only is it equipped with the ABS anti-lock brake system used for large vehicles, but the new model is also fitted with the latest in advanced tire design. The model comes in an exclusive “spectral indigo” color, and the pricing is only around NT$70 thousand after subsidies.

ABS系統有何特色?該車搭載僅580克的Bosch ABS 10雙迴路煞車系統,在輕巧之餘也提供重車等級的穩定性,當煞車作動時,系統會以每秒200次的高頻率監測前後輪轉動狀況,在車輪即將鎖死的瞬間自動釋放煞車,尤其當車輛駕駛在濕滑的路面上時,ABS 系統能避免車輪在緊急煞車時鎖死,有助於改善車輛穩定性和操控性能。

What’s so unique about ABS systems? The 580-gram ABS 10 dual-circuit brake system allows for more stability control and is fitted with sensors which check the status of both front and rear tires every 200 seconds. The system also has an automatic release function to avoid the brakes from locking, especially when driving on wet and treacherous roads, improving the vehicle’s stability and control.  


To better cope with the bike’s substantially increased power, the manufacturer has joined forces with a renowned tire brand to develop the newest in tire design. Coupled with the new ABS brake system, driving on wet surfaces is more secure than ever before.

該車在外觀上保持先前的風格,仍具有裸把設計與燻黑跑格風鏡,並具備S Performance 高止滑坐墊。在車色方面,捨棄以往的經典黑,以特殊的光譜靛為車底。

Gogoro S2 ABS has a unique, sleek design, including a black smoke windshield and S Performance’s high-quality anti-slip seat. The classic black color of previous models was scrapped to make way for the one-of-a-kind “spectral indigo” coating. 

在功能上,新款電動機車也追加在感應卡鑰匙,同時將USB插座移至左把手,方便手機充電或安裝行車紀錄器。性能部分則與S2相差無幾,0至50公里直線加速僅要 3.8 秒,飽電續航里程成為170公里,安全急速則是時速92公里。售價方面,建議價格為105980元,但若扣除中央、地方政府以及淘汰二行程機車等補助,價格最低為71980元。

New functions include a key card to start the engine and a USB port on the left handlebar, ideal for recharging cell phones or connecting cameras to record your journey. The new model’s other properties are almost identical to those of the S2, with the ability to reach 50 km/hr in just 3.8 seconds, one full battery charge will last 170 km, and its highest safe driving speed is 92 km/hr. Selling price is NT$105,980, but if all government subsidies are deducted, the lowest price drops to NT$71,980.

業者表示,該款電動機車在性能、安全以及外型設計都極具競爭力,提供125 cc重型機車市場更高規的車款選擇,相信將吸引更多年輕族群加入電動機車的行列。

The manufacturer said that the Gogoro S2 ABS is highly competitive in its design, safety, and functionality. They believe this model is the best choice in the 125 cc-heavy electric bike market, and hope to attract younger consumers to their brand.