Don’t sleep! Let’s rock the Taipei Nuit Blanche

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The open-air art event Taipei Nuit Blanche festival will unfold on Oct. 5between Dazhi and Xihu metro stations. The festival, which has been known for features including The Dust Dawn, Free Join and Citizen Participation, is poised to let Taipei residents stay up all night.” 

2019 Taipei Nuit Blanche (Photo: Nuit Blanche)
2019 Taipei Nuit Blanche (Photo: Nuit Blanche)

It is the 4th installment of the annual event, organized by the Department of Cultural Affairs under Taipei City Government. Last year, the event attracted 400,000 people, winning acclaims from both citizens and tourists. This time, the event, themed Double Ballet, will compare Taipei city to a performing stage, depicting beautiful stories happening in our daily lives. In addition, the festival will highlight the opposition between materialism and spiritualism, day and night, and quick and slow. 

The fourth Nuit Blanche is expected to present at least 20 performances and 18 art installations at night.  

By 4-Way Voice 
Translated by Shelly Yang

Nuit Blanche Information  

Time: 2019 Oct.5 – Oct.6 in the evening (Road traffic control will be implemented from 3 p.m. on Oct.5 to 1 a.m. on Oct.6)  

Location: From MRT Dazhi station to MRT Xihu MRT station 

Official Website 

Organizer: Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government 

Co-organizer: Bureau Français de Taipei