German 5G rules avoid Huawei ban; US warns on intel sharing

German 5G rules avoid Huawei ban; US warns on intel sharing
In this March 6, 2019, photo, a 5G logo is displayed on a screen outside the showroom at Huawei campus in Shenzhen city, China's Guangdong province. Australia’s ban on Chinese telecoms giant Huawei’s involvement in its future 5G networks and its crackdown on foreign covert interference are testing Beijing’s efforts to project its power overseas. In its latest maneuver, China sent three scholars to spell out in interviews with Australian media and other appearances steps to mend the deepening rift with Beijing - a move that appears to have fallen flat. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung, File)

LONDON (AP) — Germany has released draft security guidelines for next generation wireless networks that stop short of banning Huawei, as the U.S. warned again it would reconsider intelligence sharing with allies that use the Chinese company’s equipment.

The Federal Network Agency issued rules on Tuesday laying out conditions for suppliers for new 5G networks.

They include certifying critical components and ensuring trustworthiness of manufacturers, without singling out Huawei for exclusion.

The U.S. has been lobbying allies in Europe to shun Huawei over worries its equipment might aid Chinese electronic spying, claims the company has repeatedly denied.

The top U.S. cybersecurity diplomat, Rob Strayer, told reporters the U.S. government would have to reassess how it shares intelligence with countries like Germany if they use untrusted technology in the new networks.