Human rights workshop highlights uniqueness of Taiwan democracy

MOFA hosts human rights workshop(Courtesy of Taiwan Today)
MOFA hosts human rights workshop(Courtesy of Taiwan Today)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A human rights workshop hosted by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan concluded on the Oct. 28.  

Centered around the theme “A Robust Human Rights Policy: Taiwan’s Competitive Edge in the International Community,” the workshop emphasized Taiwan’s trailblazing path in championing for and the protecting of human rights. 

 The event was attended by the Executive Yuan’s human rights committee members, MOFA officials, and representatives of NGOs in Taiwan, culminating in around 100 people. 

Notable speakers of the event included MOFA Deputy Minister Hsu Szu-chien who pointed out that the 2019 report done by “Freedom House” listed Taiwan’s freedom indicator at around 93%, placing the island at 26, out of the 195 countries ranked. He mentioned the legalization of same-sex marriage and deemed the progress Taiwan has made a success and a highlight of people’s rights.

Former secretary-general of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) Debbie Stothard was also in attendance. She indicated that though Taiwan has continuously been pressurized by China, it has earned admiration from other countries for its advocating and commitment to human rights. 

The event followed the 40th FIDH congress that was held in Taiwan from Oct. 21st-25th.

By Vivian Hsiao