Drone showcase paves way for next year competition

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A demonstration for the 1st International Drone Competition to be held in 2020 kicked off in Tainan on Tuesday. 

The event saw a spectacular performance from the “Taiwan Drone 100 Team,” which piloted tens drones into the night sky to display highlights of the local cultures such as animals and specialties of the southern city.

The drone demonstration lit up the night sky with the Chinese characters for Southern Taiwan Science Park (南科), Taiwan mountain dogs, and Silaya Deers, to name just a few. 

Minister of Science and Technology Chen Liang-gee, who attended the event, said that drones are not only an embodiment of technology but also a medium for art. 

“It should showcase aesthetics, even music, color, and optics,” he said. 

By Vivian Hsiao