Rescued Formosan black bear cub spotted first time after release

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A young Formosan black bear released into the wild in April has adapted to its new environment well, according to a video published by an animal group on Nov. 9.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, a spokesperson of the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association (TBBCA, 台灣黑熊保育協會) said their camera spotted the bear cub on Aug. 30, the first time since it was reintroduced into the wild.

TBBCA added that the video featured plenty of other wild animals, such as sambar deer and Formosan Reeve’s muntjac as well as a few other black bears in the same area, meaning that the area is very suitable for the bear cub to live in.

The cub was separated from its mother on a path near the Nan’an Waterfall (南安瀑布) in Hualien County in July 2018. According to TBBCA, it was only nearly 4 months old and weighed 5 kilograms.

After the cub was rescued, workers decided to give it necessary care until it is fully recovered and prepared to be reintroduced into the wild. Almost nine months after being rescued, the 43-kg bear was brought to the release point in Hualien for reintroduction.

This is the first time Taiwan conducted such work to reintroduce a black bear back to the forests.