StarLux makes in-flight safety video fun and entertaining

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — Taiwan startup carrier StarLux Airlines (星宇航空) unveiled its first safety video on Friday, a 3D animation that lets passengers learn all the necessary safety information in a fun and entertaining way.

Speaking at a press conference, StarLux President Glenn Chai (翟健華) said that most passengers don’t actually pay much attention to safety videos, which are usually played before take off. 

However, such video is very important and the information is crucial to saving one’s life, Chai added.

With this observation in mind, StarLux invited a local animation company, MoonShine VFX (夢想動畫), an advertisement company Daikido Idea Collective (大禧堂廣告公司) and Fish Film Productions (大於製作), to design some entertaining content.

The team spent two years and NT$30 million (US$983,000) to make this 4-minute-long animation, nicknamed “StarWanderer.”

The short film aims to catch the passengers’ attention with funny cartoon monsters and cute alien creatures.

Chai said that the purpose of the safety video is to let passengers think of what to do in case of an emergency. 

The company still rejected other suggested stories ideas because they were too creative and might have distracted passengers from learning important information, he explained.

StarLux will begin operation on Jan. 23, 2019 with flights to Macau, Da Nang in Vietnam and Penang in Malaysia.