Pei-Lin Lee awarded honorary Ph.D for tremendous contributions to CTUST

Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology awarded the school’s first honorary doctorate degree to Mr. Pei-Lin Lee. (Courtesy of CTUST)

Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology awarded on Tuesday the school’s first honorary doctorate degree to Mr. Pei-Lin Lee, president & alumnus of CTUST, for his tremendous contributions to the development and growth of the school and his efforts involved in advancing the education and nurturing of industrial talents.

Mr. Lee is an alumnus of CTUST, former Central Taiwan Medical Technology College and a holder of Master of Business Administration degree from Pacific Western University. He is currently the president of the Board of Directors of CTUST and chairman of several public-listed companies in the biotech and medical industry.

Mr. Lee has nearly 50 years of practical experience, starting from a medical device salesman and finally become one of the leaders in the biotech and medical industry in Taiwan. After years of accumulated know-how in the industry made him realize the importance of integrating school education with professional competency.

While running his career, he was also concerned about the contribution to the CTUST and mull over on how to improve the gap between learning and applying along with nurturing talents in line with the needs of the industry.

Left to right: National Defense Medical Center President Tai-Lung Cha; Taipei Medical University President Chien-Huang Lin; National Defense Medical Center President Tai-Lung Cha; Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Lung-Sheng Steven Lee, Ph.D./Prof. ; Mr. Pei-Lin Lee; Su-Ching Chen.

As a fellow alum, Mr. Lee donated a radiation therapy equipment- linear accelerator to the CTUST in 2015, prompting to set up the only one animal-designed radiotherapy research center in Taiwan.

With the intention to increase the radiation therapy practice experiences for medical imaging & radiological sciences department students and strengthening the school-running characteristics of the alma mater, thence opened a new page in the treatment of animal cancer in Taiwan.

In addition, regarding talent recruitment, Mr. Lee promised to offer long-term admission scholarships for elite freshmen enrollments and financial aid for disadvantaged students’ assurance of attendance.

Other than financial support, he furthermore combined industry trends with market information and education, proposing the establishment of a master’s degree program in elderly care in CTUST to train relative professionals with corresponding knowledge, connected institution management, innovative research and development capabilities under a rapid aging society circumstance.

Mr. Lee also strived for the opportunity of hosting “International Elderly Care Industry Leaders Forum” for CTUST and cooperated with CHC Healthcare Group; established by him; as a joint unit to invite various industry experts, scholars and officials from United States, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to address advice for Taiwan’s elderly care development by generating new perspective and opening a new chapter in its history.

After taking over the post of the president of CTUST since the end of 2016, Mr. Pei-Lin Lee has brought abundant resources to the industry-academic collaboration with his own connections developed for decades.

First of all, is facilitating the partnership between the Department of Ederly Care & Tzu Chi LTC system which allows the internship of students to train and obtain their practical work experience.

Secondly, he helped to endorse the contract of “university and industry liaison system” & “cooperative education” with Dali Jen-Ai hospital to continue and amplify the mutual comprehensive alignment of teaching, research, internship, and in-service education, etc., hence elevating students’ employment competitiveness to combine education with implementation.

Left to right: Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Lung-Sheng Steven Lee, Ph.D./Prof.; Taipei Medical University President Chien-Huang Lin; Jenny Lee; Mr. Pei-Lin Lee; National Defense Medical Center President Tai-Lung Cha; Su-Ching Chen.

Moreover, he signed a letter of intent of nurturing elderly care nursing students to collaborate with the Kanto College of Welfare Science; subordinated to the Japan Genki Group; sharing their elderly care education, management experience to CTUST’s teachers and students, providing them with training and internship opportunities in Genki Group’s Elderly Care Institutions, and advancing the school education and improving the elderly care talents’ ability to echo the professional requirements of Taiwan’s future elderly needs.

Mr. Pei-Lin Lee was recommended by the nomination group of CTUST, reviewed by the examination committee for his contributions to the expert field and operation of the school, and finally obtained all committee members’ consent by unanimous ballot to award the honorary doctorate degree of CTUST and become the first honorary doctor of CTUST ever since its establishment in 1966.