Hashtag your imagination in Central Vietnam

Come to visit Vietnam and explore the perfect winter getaway with Vietjet. (Courtesy of Vietjet)

If you haven’t had any ideas about where to travel during the Chinese New Year holiday, Central Vietnam is a perfect destination for you to explore amazing places. Tet is the Lunar New Year for Vietnam which is celebrated the same day as Chinese New Year.

As Central Vietnam tourism development blooming, Vietjet has announced to offer the direct flight from Taipei to Da Nang, flying daily starting from December 19.

As one of the fastest-growing carriers in the Asian region, Vietjet is happily and proudly to welcome its 100 millionth passengers since first taking off in 2011.

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Central Vietnam is not just about the famous Golden Bridge, there are more to explore. (Shutterstock)

Central Vietnam is so Much More Than your Expectations

Central Vietnam is a magical place to visit at any season. The highlands and coastline of the region make it an area with deep historical significance and marvelous landscapes. The geography location also makes the cuisine of Central Vietnam standing out within the country.

There are some fantastic cities you shouldn’t miss out if you travel to central Vietnam. Da Nang, visitors who flying in with Vietjet can first experience the lively city, where you will be amazed by the smiling locals and various attractions.

Hue, a picturesque city with a well-preserved historical site, offering a bunch of opportunities for visitors to glimpse the dramatic history. Quang Binh province, an incredibly diverse and attractive mix of natural landscapes with breathtaking cave systems.

Adding up these attractive cities, Central Vietnam is one of the most fascinating regions of the country to visit. Various secret attractions in Central Vietnam would be the perfect travel destinations to take photos and win over many “likes” on social media and unleash your imagination and gives you more fun than ever before.

Explore the hidden beauty – Khai Dinh Tomb in central Vietnam which is around 2 hours ride from Da Nang. (Shutterstock)

Capture the Hidden Beauty and Explore the Ancient Royal Tombs and Hidden Charm in Hue

If you want to steep yourself in cultural heritage, be sure that you have saved the time to wander into Hue, an ancient capital city in Central Vietnam, which is around 2 hours ride from Da Nang.

If you are concerned about the transportation problem, here comes a perfect solution. New buses are operating in the central city of Da Nang. From January of 2020, the new public bus network upgraded from the current bus route between the two locals with new 29-seat buses with more convenient service for users.

One-way ticket price of VND 70,000 which is less than TWD 100, tourists can just easily get a ticket and hop on the bus to start their trip right away. The ancient city is famous for not only the citadel of the Nguyen Dynasty but also the complex of royal tombs, also known as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

There are 7 royal tombs located in Hue, and Khai Dinh Tomb is a blend of Eastern and Western architecture that earns its reputation as one of the most special and unique tombs among all the monuments.

If you are seeking for mysterious attractions, Ho Thuy Tien would be the idea city to explore in Vietnam. (Shutterstock)

If you love abandoned buildings and enjoy mysterious vibes, you will be amazed at the set of dilapidated attractions – Ho Thuy Tien, an abandoned water park located 5 miles away from Hue city. The water park has become one of the most popular hidden attractions in recent year and went viral among some backpackers who is enamored with the idea of exploring something off the beaten track.

Visit the popular tourist attractions Tien Son Cave (left) and Son Doong Cave (right) at Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. (Shutterstock)

Get onto Adventurous and Explore Underground Rivers, Historic Sites, Extensive Caves in Quang Binh Province

Located in Quang Binh province, Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is another UNESCO World Heritage in Central Vietnam, nearly 3 hours away from Hue via bus or train. With numerous primary forests and hundreds of caves, many natural wonders come from far away to enjoy a series of white crystal stalactites and the azure water with a stunning view of the caves.

The national park which is home of the biggest cave on the planet Son Doong Cave and other famous cave such as Hang En, is packed with opportunities to hike, bike, paddle or relax in one of Vietnam’s most spectacular and interesting regions.

You can find the satisfaction of fresh seafood in Da Nang. (Shutterstock)

Central Vietnam a Region that Never Let you Down with Fresh Seafood and Traditional Local Cuisine

Seafood is one of the most iconic food in central Vietnam, where you can enjoy a delicious ocean feast at an affordable price. Having a special adventure along the beautiful coastline, enjoy a selection of mouth-watering fresh seafood such as lobster, oysters and clams that can spark their appetite.

Bun Bo Hue is a famous Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup, you will be impressed with the fragrant of lemongrass and fully enjoy the spicy flavor tickle your taste buds.

Bánh bèo – nậm – lọc – take a bite of local Vietnamese cuisine which is beyond your imagination. (Shutterstock)

In addition, Vietnam’s traditional food will definitely tickle your taste buds. Apart from the Vietnam noodle or Vietnamese crepes, travelers should save some stomach for Banh Mi — a Vietnamese street sandwich with a French colonial past; and Banh Beo — Banh Nam — Banh Loc — traditional dishes of Central Vietnam which originate from Hue.

The Vietnamese dishes are steamed rice cake made from a combination of rice flour and tapioca flour, and the ingredients include rice cake, dried shrimps, crispy pork skin, scallion oil. Don’t forget to savor with fish sauce, all these delicious flavors will make your trip more memorable!

Vietjet offers promotional tickets from now on until 22 December 2019 for 7 days during golden hours. Go booking at Vietjet’s official website and start to plan your trip for the Chinese New Year holidays. (Courtesy of Vietjet)

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