S. Korean tech giants to showcase advanced AI for life at CES 2020

09 January 2019, US, Las Vegas: Californian chip manufacturer Qualcomm praises its 5G data modem chips as the foundation for the "true 5G" at the CES electronics trade show. The company was able to refer to pre-orders at the trade fair: Its 5G technology - the Snapdragon 855 microprocessor and the X50 5G modem - will appear in around 30 devices this year, including smartphones from virtually all leading manufacturers of devices with the Google Android system. Photo by: Christoph Dernbach/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

SEOUL (The Korea Herald/ANN) — South Korean tech companies said Sunday they are gearing up for the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas slated for January, making all-out efforts to showcase how far their artificial intelligence technologies have advanced with the ability to make life much easier.

LG Electronics is putting its AI platform ThinQ at the forefront of its exhibition at the event with a plan to introduce a seamless lifestyle with the help of advanced solutions making users feel homey anywhere.

Under the main theme of “Anywhere is home,” LG said it will allocate a third of its booth for ThinQ-equipped appliances and services.

Compared to the 2019 show, the company aims to demonstrate its expansion in utilization of AI solutions that help connect life at home and outside seamlessly.

The company will, for the first time, introduce a smart door that has a fresh food storage and a parcel locker that can be securely accessed by deliverymen. The door verifies homeowners with biometrics like 3D facial scanning and vein recognition.

Inside the ThinQ home, LG will showcase a proactive customer care service that demonstrates how its AI platform is designed to control home appliances, including the washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, oven and dish washer, in accordance with users’ lifestyles and daily patterns.

In collaboration with automotive seating supplier Adient, the Korean tech giant will also debut its connected car solution Web OS Auto for the first time.

The system will offer visitors an experience of a connected car that is linked with homes, which will enable drivers to continue household chores behind the wheel.

“We aim to show our vision for AI,” said Kim Jeon-hong, senior vice president at LG. “The LG ThinQ platform will help expand AI solutions at home and outside to make users’ lives much easier.”

Samsung Electronics will also be proclaiming a clearer vision for AI at the 2020 show.
Samsung CEO Kim Hyun-suk will take the stage to deliver a keynote speech on lifestyle innovation driven by AI, internet of things and 5G.

As announced earlier, the tech giant is likely to unveil some new robots featuring Samsung’s AI Bixby to square off against LG’s CLOi bots.

Samsung limited a showcase of the first wearable robots for medical use at this year’s show.

“To enhance its AI vision, Samsung may introduce some robots, including a caring bot, for the first time,” said an industry official.