Han Kuo-yu lashes out at media for alleged smear campaign

KMT presidential hopeful Han Kuo-yu reacts during Sunday’s presidential debate during which he called into question the standards, ethics and motives of several news outlets. (Courtesy of the Public Television Service)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — KMT presidential hopeful Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) lashed out at Taiwan media during the debate on Sunday for their alleged bias in reporting during the presidential campaign.

In response to an inquiry about his alleged relationship with “Ms. Wang” from Xinzhuang, New Taipei, the Kaohsiung Mayor called into question the standards, ethics and motives of several news outlets, including the Apple Daily (蘋果日報), Sanlih E-Television (三立電視台), the Central News Agency (中央社) and the Liberty Times (自由時報).

“Why don’t you ask me how old I was when I had my first love,” he replied. “Whether I was married before?” Han then lamented the impact of Apple Daily’s reporting on Taiwan society.

“During today’s presidential debate, you are asking personal questions again,” he said. “Why don’t you ask me when I lost my virginity?”

The presidential candidate then expressed his displeasure at the alleged stigmatization, rumors and lack of moral standards of the media industry. “I know you like gossip, you like gossips about Han Kuo-yu but why don’t you tell us about Tsai Ing-wen? You are afraid of them being in power,” he emphasized.

Another question of the editor-in-chief of the Central News Agency added fuel to the fire: “How would you convince voters that you would not give up Taiwan’s sovereignty?”

Han replied: “We are the Republic of China. I was born in Taiwan, I grew up in Taiwan, I will die in Taiwan, and I will be buried in Taiwan. Who will not safeguard our sovereignty?”

In response to his comments, People First Party (PFP) Chairman James Soong (宋楚瑜) reminded the Kaohsiung mayor of the importance of safeguarding media freedom, to which the latter replied that “it is easy to watch others being beaten and beaten again.”

Han added: “When did Taiwan politics become so ugly?” ●