Delta Chat: A messenger app that uses email

One issue with messenger apps is compatibility – if the person you want to message doesn’t have the same app as you, you can’t message them. A new app seeks to solve that problem.

Delta Chat is built on the existing method of using email addresses and servers. That means if someone has an email address, you can still message them even if they don’t use the Delta Chat app.

Technically, it’s an email app with a modern chat interface, the developers say. Emojis and attachments such as photos or videos are not a problem, but voice and video chats aren’t possible.

From a security point of view, the app offers automatic end-to-end encryption, the source code is open to everyone, and your data isn’t saved on any central servers.

An early release version of Delta Chat is already available for Android mobile devices. Versions for iOS, Linux and Mac are in the beta stage of development.