Over 19.31 million eligible voters in upcoming elections

CNA file photo
CNA file photo

TAIPEI (CNA) — Over 19.31 million Taiwanese citizens are eligible to vote in the Jan. 11 presidential and legislative elections, the Central Election Commission (CEC) announced Tuesday.

The CEC said that 19,311,105 will be able to cast their ballots for president, with 1,000 more able to do so for legislators-at-large, due to a two-month difference in the residency requirement for the two elections.

Taiwan’s election laws stipulate that citizens must have at some point lived in Taiwan for no less than six consecutive months before being eligible to vote for president, while the requirement for other civil servant elections is four months.

Of the total number of voters, 13.37 million, or 69 percent, are registered in the six special municipalities — Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung — the CEC said.

In terms of age groups, 40-49 year-olds make up the largest voting bloc with 3.74 million eligible voters, or 19 percent of the electorate, followed by 50-59 year-olds with 3.63 million eligible voters, the CEC said.

Around 1.18 million 20-23 year-olds, who account for 6 percent of the electorate, are eligible to vote in presidential and legislative elections for the first time, the CEC noted.

In Saturday’s election, voters will receive three ballots — a presidential ballot, a regional or aboriginal legislator ballot and a ballot for a political party that will determine legislator-at-large seats.

After the polling stations close at 4 p.m. Saturday, votes for the president will be tallied first, followed by regional/aboriginal legislator votes, with political party ballots counted last, a CEC official told CNA Wednesday.

In polling stations staffed with eight or more election officials, the officials will be divided into two groups for the vote-counting, the CEC said.

In those stations, votes for president and regional/aboriginal legislators will be counted simultaneously, with political party ballots counted afterwards.