Ex-Ting Hsin boss to serve aggregate jail term of over 4 years

Wei Ying-chung (left)
Wei Ying-chung (left)

TAIPEI (CNA) — Wei Ying-chung (魏應充), the former chairman of Ting Hsin Oil and Fat Industrial Co., began serving an aggregate sentence of four years and eight months Wednesday for two convictions related to tainted oil.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Wei reported to the Taipei Prosecutors Office, which was commissioned by the Changhua Prosecutors Office to transfer Wei to the Taipei Prison, where he is to serve the reminder of his sentence.

As Wei has previously been imprisoned for a year and eight months and was detained for 111 days, he still needs to spend two years and nine months behind bars.

The sentence stems from two cases involving tainted oil products manufactured by Wei Chuan Foods Corp. when he was serving as chairman of the company — which is affiliated to Ting Hsin — between December 2012 and November 2013.

In 2017, Wei was sentenced to a two-year jail term for mislabeling oil products, and started serving the service in July of that year. He was freed on bail in early 2019 after spending a year and eight months in prison.

On Nov. 6, 2018, he received another sentence of five years and nine months after Changhua-based Ting Hsin Oil and Fat was found guilty in 2013 of mixing substandard oil provided by a supplier in Vietnam.

Given that the High Court’s Taichung branch is still reviewing Wei’s role in a tax evasion case and 45 another allegations related to Ting Hsin, he will face additional punishment if convicted of more crimes.