Taiwan startups look to AWS for machine learning, AI and more

Dean Samuels, AWS lead technology analyst sits for a photo in Taipei on Wednesday. (Courtesy of AWS)
Dean Samuels, AWS lead technology analyst sits for a photo in Taipei on Wednesday. (Courtesy of AWS)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Already a technology hub and showing increasing potential to become the next Asian Silicon Valley, many Taiwanese startups look to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud computing platform, for smoother, faster services.

AWS hosted its “AWS re:Invent 2019 re:Cap conference” in Taipei on Wednesday, unveiling its new line of products and services. The conference was followed by workshops launched by the AWS loT learning lab in Taiwan.

While the AWS offers a variety of services, there’s been widespread adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Taiwan and also other parts of Asia, AWS lead technologist for ASEAN Dean Samuels told The China Post.

For example, manufacturing organizations that want to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their quality control or device manufacturers who want to start integrating smart speakers into their devices such as Amazon Alexa.

Mandarin is not available at the moment but “it is on the road map” for AWS to support it in the future, Samuel said.

Unique to Taiwan is the highly-anticipated arrival of 5G later this year. According to Samuel, 5G will “fundamentally change the way that we interact with various service,” naming augmented reality, virtual reality, media streaming, and more.

Touching upon a more sensitive topic that is critical to Taiwanese companies that conduct business cross-strait, Samuel said that the AWS treats its two regions in China “as separate regions compared to the rest”.

This means that “there’ll be a separate account set up process. There’ll be a separate access requirement once the account is set up and there’s also separate connectivity,” Samuels said.

“All regions are connected through the AWS backbone except for the two in China,” he said. Currently, there are a total of 22 regions.

For businesses that need to connect regions in and outside of China, Samuel said that AWS has partners including three major Chinese telecom companies to provide a leased line for direct connectivity. Regarding data privacy, especially because the three Chinese telecom companies have close ties with the Chinese government, Samuel said that AWS also recommend encryptions for sensitive contents.

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