Police search for suspect in dismemberment of Malaysian woman

Photo courtesy of Wanhua Precinct, Taipei City Police Department
Photo courtesy of Wanhua Precinct, Taipei City Police Department

TAIPEI (CNA) — Taipei Police on Sunday released surveillance images they say shows a “person of interest” in the murder and dismemberment of a Malaysian-Chinese woman, who was reported missing earlier this month before her dismembered body was found by police in Keelung Saturday.

Police says the surveillance images show a 45-year-old man surnamed Lin (林) who is believed to have been involved in the killing of the 26-year-old woman.

The investigation began on Jan. 6 when a friend reported the woman missing after she did not show up to work, according to the police.

Investigators went to the woman’s rented apartment in Wanhua District, Taipei, where they interviewed neighbors, one of whom was Lin, who it was later found had a criminal record for robbery and theft.

Police returned to the property after officers reported the smell of strong chemical disinfectant at the residence, but Lin had disappeared.

Using video surveillance cameras and GPS on Lin’s phone to track his movements, police found the dismembered body of the victim in a mountainous area of Keelung on Saturday.

It is currently believed Lin killed and dismembered the woman in his room before disposing of her body in Keelung, the police said.

Lin is believed to hiding in New Taipei, Taipei or Keelung with the signal from his cell phone last pin-pointed in Zhonghe District of New Taipei.

Police called on members of the pubic to call 110 or directly contact Wanhua Precinct at (02)2311-7878 in the event of seeing the suspect or if they have information about Lin’s whereabouts.

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