Day-trip ideas for the Lunar New Year holiday

Photo courtesy of the Tourism Bureau
Photo courtesy of the Tourism Bureau

TAIPEI (CNA) — The Tourism Bureau has recommended several day trips to explore Taiwan’s nature and culture across during the seven-day Lunar New Year holiday from Jan. 23 to 29.

In northeastern Taiwan, people can visit the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, which covers 102.5 kilometers of coastline in New Taipei and Yilan, the bureau said.

People can head to the Zhuangwei Dune Visitor Center, which features Yilan’s natural sand-dune landscapes and an architectural space designed by renowned architect Huang Sheng-yuan (黃聲遠).

Another option is the Waiao Service Area, where people can park and relax or explore the nearby beach known for surfing and paragliding.

People can then go to Cape Santiago Lighthouse, which sits at the easternmost tip of Taiwan. Called the “Eye of Taiwan,” it is the only lighthouse open to the public in northern Taiwan and a favorite spot for shooting TV dramas and wedding photos, the bureau said.

To end the day, visitors can explore the 3.5 km Bitoujiao Trail, where they can see stunning landscapes formed by coastal erosion.

In northern Taiwan, the bureau suggested a visit to the Guanyinshan scenic area, where an 800-meter hiking trail is good for all ages.

Visitors can then find the Lingyun Buddhist Temple, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding volcanic landscapes. The temple also encompasses eastern and western elements in its buildings and provides a unique religious scene in Taiwan.

For afternoon tea, go to a farm called Doris Café in Bali District, where visitors can sample famous local pomelo dishes and get a tour of the area, according to the bureau.

In central Taiwan, you can start with a morning hiking tour at Jinlong Mountain in Nantou County, as the scenic spot often attracts photographers to catch the sun emerging from a sea of clouds at dawn.

In the afternoon, visit the Lianhuachih Research Center, a 461-hectare park that is home to a wide range of broad-leaved tree species, as well as fireflies, Japanese rhinoceros beetles, frogs and birds.

Another option in central Taiwan offers visitors a different taste of the natural environment by exploring the Toushe Reservoir near Sun Moon Lake, the smallest reservoir in the country, the bureau said.

There are numerous boardwalks and suspension bridges in the area, giving visitors different perspectives of the 5.13-hectare reservoir, it said.

A 50-hectare wetland covered by peat soil nearby is also a must-visit, the bureau said, adding that the landscape has been formed by water plants over thousands of years.

For people who like aboriginal culture, the Tourism Bureau suggested that they go to southern Taiwan’s Poftongaveoveo village, where the Tsou people offer people tours of their culture and history.

There, visitors can participate in dancing, singing and archery activities, and a feast that highlights the tribe’s hunting tradition.

There is also a park keeping Formosan sika deers, which used to be hunted but now are taken care of by the tribe, the bureau said.

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