Droopy tulips? There may still be life in them yet

Tulips in a vase. When the stems start to wilt, you can perk them up with a few pieces of newspaper.

A vase of tulips can really brighten up a room, so it’s always a sad day when the stems start to wilt.

But don’t throw them away just yet – there is a trick to straighten them again, according to iBulb, a German association of companies in the flower bulb sector.

Roll the tulip stems tightly in a few pieces of newspaper and put them back in water for a few hours.

This way, the stems are stabilized until they get enough water. After a few hours, the tulips should stay straight without the paper.

In addition, if you want to put tulips and daffodils together in a vase, you should pay attention to the order. First, place the daffodils in the water alone for a few hours, as mucus will begin to secrete from their stems. It is poisonous and makes the tulips wilt more quickly. Therefore, change the water afterwards and then put all the flowers together in the vase.