Taiwanese contribute to virus containment efforts

Business people and enterprises from Taiwan have raised millions of yuan for medical equipment and support for efforts in Hubei Province.

Taiwan entrepreneurs and companies in Shanghai are making donations to support Hubei Province in containing an ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Chang Chien-chen, director of the Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises in Shanghai, has initiated a fundraising campaign and collected two million yuan (US90,000) via a cross-Strait foundation, including 200,000 yuan donated by herself.

Wu Bo-chao, chairman of popular bubble tea franchise Happy Lemon, donated one million yuan and 100,000 yuan in drinks via the Red Cross Society of China.

Lin Rui-yang and Chang Ting, former Taiwan actor and actress who set up Shanghai Dowell Trading and launched the TST cosmetics brand, donated 20 million yuan via the Shanghai Branch of the Red Cross Society of China.

Via the organization’s Hubei office, Want Want Group has donated disinfectants and related producers, including 100 disinfectant generators and 600 sterilizing atomizers.

Fubon Bank’s charity foundation also donated 500,000 yuan for Wuhan authorities to purchase medical supplies, including drugs, masks, protection suits, disinfectants and goggles.

Shanghai Landseed International Hospital has opened a consultation hotline 021-61957888 for Taiwanese to learn about the virus and protection measures.