Micellar water, the gentle facial toner everyone is talking about

Micellar water contains particles that attach to dirt super quickly, making it easy to remove make-up from your skin.

If you can’t imagine doing without a facial toner but are worried about the toll it might be taking on your skin, you might want to check out a new trend: micellar water.

Micelles are microscopically small particles consisting of surfactants – compounds that lower the surface tension between liquids. This means micelles attach to dirt and make-up residues and break them down super quickly.

Roughly speaking, micellar water functions in the same way as conventional facial toners or soap. However, according to the German skincare website Haut.de, micelles not only remove dirt from the skin – they also enclose it.

Therefore even waterproof eye make-up can be removed without the usual rubbing, the website explains.

Micelles are also supposed to make the skin more permeable. This means that other ingredients in the toner or a face cream applied afterwards can reach the deeper skin layers more easily.